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Wheel of the Year 2022 Sabbat Candle Collection

Wheel of the Year 2022 Sabbat Candle Collection

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Now available for pre-order. Sabbat Candle Collection orders will be despatched by March 28th 2022.

Limited Edition

8 x 50g of Triple- Scented soy wax in a frosted glass votive.

Celebrate the Wheel of the Year

A beautiful way to enjoy the festive spirit of the year to come, honour the cycle of life, and give thanks to the abundance of mother nature.  Perfect as altar decorations and used for sabbat rituals, meditation and ceremonies.

A set of 8 triple scented soy wax candles, each candle is made with a unique combination of perfume grade top, middle and base notes to illuminate the 8 sabbats of the year.

Enjoy the beautiful clean burn of palm-free and paraffin-free soy wax, premium Australian made fragrance oils and ambient crackling of a petite wooden wick.

Each candle is approximately 35g with a burn time of 6 hours.


The holiest sabbat of the year, a day to remember loved ones who have passed and to honour our ancestors.

Southern Hemisphere approximately on April 30 - May 1.
Northern Hemisphere approximately on October 31 - November 1.

Fragrance Notes: Mandarin, Clove and Cinnamon.


The longest and darkest night of the year, yule to the winter solstice is often celebrated by burning candles or bonfire to commemorate the return of the sun.

Southern Hemisphere approximately on June 20 - 21.
Northern Hemisphere approximately on December 21 - 22.

Fragrance Notes: Fir Needle, Cassis and Cedarwood.


A celebration of the return of spring, sunlight and first blooms. A tribute to goddess Brighid, and symbolises fertility and feminity. 

Southern Hemisphere on August 1.
Northern Hemisphere on February 1.

Fragrance Notes: Pear, Bergamot and Freesia.


Traditionally known as the spring equinox, Ostara is the celebration of the return of longer days. A time of new life (represented by eggs and hares), flowers and springtime cheer.

Southern Hemisphere approximately on September 20-23.
Northern Hemisphere approximately on March 19-22.

Fragrance Notes: Lime, Rosemary, Violet and Patchouli.


A fire festival of Gaelic origins to celebrate the arrival of summer and bright abundance for the coming year.

Southern Hemisphere approximately on November 1.
Northern Hemisphere approximately on May 1.

Fragrance Notes: Gardenia, Jasmine and Lily of the Valley.


Also known as Midsommar or Summer Solstice. The seeds we planted on Ostara and Beltane have sprouted and flourished, as the Earth is ripe with abundance and the growth of new life surrounds us.

Southern Hemisphere approximately on December 21
Northern Hemisphere approximately on June 20

Fragrance Notes: Vetiver, Orchid and Cedarwood.


Marks the beginning of the first grain harvest, typically celebrated by baking bread, sharing fresh produce and making corn dollies. Honouring warmth and sunlight before the wheel turns to darkness.

Southern Hemisphere on February 1
Northern Hemisphere on August 1.

Fragrance Notes: Blueberry, Vanilla Bean and Buttermilk.


Known as the second harvest, or the fruit harvest, where night and day are in equilibrium. Associated with harmony, reflection, clearing and rebalancing.

Southern Hemisphere approximately on March 21.
Northern Hemisphere approximately on September 21.

Fragrance Notes: Apple, Sage and Musk.

Candle Care

Trim wick when relighting and always burn on a heatproof candle dish. Keep away from draughts, pets and children. Maintain a distance of 10cm between each candle.

Visit our Candle Care page for more information.