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Ritual Dream Herb Bath Tea

Astral Dreams Mugwort Bath Tea

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Dalí et Aurore ‘Astral Dreams’ Mugwort Bath Tea

20g of 100% pure, potent blend of herbs & florals. A complimentary, reusable bath tea bag is included with your bath tea.

No bathtub? Try it as a therapeutic foot soak or herbal hair & body rinse in the shower. 

Learn a simple ritual for higher self-connection with an authentic self-meditation script, included with every Astral Dreams bath tea.

Active Herbs

  • Mugwort for prophetic dreaming
  • Elderflower for emotional and psychic healing
  • Lavender for spiritual protection and relaxant for restful sleep
  • Rose for opening the heart chakra to attract compassion and self-love

Herbal Notes

Lavender and Elderflower are known to have antiseptic, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. The high magnesium content in Mugwort soothes sore muscles and promotes relaxation. 

‘Astral Dreams’ Bath Tea Can Help To

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Purify the spiritual and physical body
  • Promote prophetic dreaming
  • Gain insight into your mood
  • Boost creativity
  • Clear energetic blockages
  • Problem-solve
  • Identify life-changing opportunities
  • Increase self-awareness & emotional regulation
  • Form a positive self-care ritual
  • Promote deep & restful sleep

Dream Work & Interpretation

A spiritual art form dated back to ancient civilisations in Greece, Egypt & Rome, with one of the earliest books on Dream Interpretation ‘Oneirocritica’ published in the 2nd Century AD.

Our 'Astral Dreams' Mugwort Bath Tea acts as a conduit to accessing ancient wisdom, which lies within your subconscious, through dreaming. Dreaming is thought to bridge our conscious to our subconscious- bringing inner wisdom from our higher self & intuitive guides into our daily lives. Mugwort is a sacred herb used in many cultures around the world to promote dream lucidity, prophetic dreaming & vivid dream recall. 

Unique Features

Astral Dreams Bath Tea is loaded with antioxidants, nutrients & therapeutic properties. Bath teas work faster to unwind, de-stress & purify your body, as compared to drinking herbal tea. This topical absorption through your largest organ - the skin- allows you to soak up all the magickal goodness of a potent herbal tea.

Bath Tea vs Commercial Bath Soaks

Commercial bath soaks are often diluted with salts, additives and chemicals, our bath teas are a pure blend of concentrated herbs & florals, delivering their wonderful, toxic-free benefits straight to your skin. 

The Dalí et Aurore Difference

  • Our herbs & florals are sourced from certified organic processors in Australia. We choose from the highest quality of organic & wildcrafted herbs which are of food grade, and with culinary and medicinal properties.

  • Our atelier's garden is in its first season, with lovingly sown potent herbs and stunning florals for our upcoming herbal collections. We aim to have a full in-house herbarium & floral garden by 2024.

Directions of Use

Fill reusable tea bag with herbal blend and steep in hot water for 15 minutes, then pour tea and tea bag into a warm, soak-ready bath.

Soak with your bath tea in a warm bath before bedtime to enjoy a magickal experience in the dream realm. 

Enjoy with Dalí et Aurore Astral Dreams Candle for best results.


  • Mugwort is NOT suitable for pregnant women, or women trying to conceive.
  • Seek professional medical advice when unsure to use herbal therapy.

‘Astral Dreams’ bath tea, images & fabrication are not for replication or redistribution under Copyright Law Australia.