Please Note: Apothecary orders will be shipped on the 10 March 2022

The Atelier


Atelier Dalí et Aurore is situated on the quaint bay side of Melbourne, Australia.
Here is where the magick begins, as almost all our processes are meticulously handled in-house. Our artisanal Candle Floristry, candle pouring, herbal concoctions, design, production, packaging & shipping is what makes our atelier the heart of Dalí et Aurore.

Every morning, the atelier is cleansed with our own combination of smudged herbs in preparation for a full day of enchantments. Our equipment and workspaces are thoroughly sanitised and refreshed throughout the day. The windows are opened to invite in fresh sea side air, while herbal smoke twirls around carrying away stagnant energy to purifying the space. Our floral garden is in it’s first season, with seedlings lovingly tended to, for their blooms we will be part of our collections in the many years to come. Our ritualistic dedication to the crafting process is what makes our atelier unique- we are alchemists of exceptional design & innovation, as the pioneers of Magickal Savoir Faire.  

Products from our candle & bath collection are hand crafted with intention for a desired purpose, for that reason, they are made to order and in small batches. We want to share with you the magick which makes our lives so special, and deliver to you delightful goods that are crafted with beauty & fine detail. If you would like a custom order or have any questions about the magick behind our work please reach out to us at