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Savoir Faire

Savoir Faire or 'Know How'

Dalí et Aurore is committed to excellence and materiality while paying homage to the rich heritage of magick. Our processes are imbued with the charm of enchantments, appreciation of mysticism & intention.

Our atelier is founded on candle creation and our ritualistic approach is what defines our 'know how’.

  1. Preparation

Equipment and studio space is cleansed physically & energetically daily in our Bay side atelier in Melbourne, Australia. Each candle is made to order, so herbs, ingredients & premium fragrances are intentionally selected for every candle.

  1. Wick

Fabrication begins with a wick. Our exclusive Magickal Wooden Wick™ is a herb treated wood wick, anointed by hand for both potent herbal smudging and aromatic release of herbs & candle fragrance. Each wick size is carefully selected for optimal candle melt pool diameter, to ensure minimal excess candle wax.

  1. Wax 

Vegetable-based, coconut-soy wax is heated to 75°C, then premium grade, triple scented fragrance is poured into the molten wax. Intention is set into the wax while stirring clockwise to ensure an even fragrance load. Once cooled to optimal pour temperature, the wax is poured into the slightly- heated candle vessel & left to set.

  1. Decorating

Once set, the candle is a blank canvas ready to be artistically dressed- what we refer to as fine Candle Floristry™. The candle is 'surfaced' with heat, for a creamy and smooth surface, then dressed with pure, potent herbs and beautiful florals.

  1. Finessing 

Candle Wick is trimmed with precision for optimal first burn, so it arrives at its new home ready to be used.

  1. Packaging

Alive with magick and intention, each candle is hand affixed with luxury paper labels, & packaged with care to arrive safely to your home.