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La Philosophie

Dalí et Aurore’s fine Candle Floristry ™ & Herbal Apothecary is an artisanal atelier founded in Melbourne, Australia. Our original herbal blends harness the physical & spiritual potency of natural elements. Inspired by history, architecture & culture, we are pioneers of the alchemical blend of savoir faire & magick.

Dalí et Aurore's mission is to preserve the heritage of magick, while redefining it with a world-renowned brand of elegance, timelessness & creativity. 

Our vision is to be the first, and ultimate, house of magickal savoir faire, enriching lives through style, heirlooms & wisdom passed on through generations to come.

Our Values

Dalí et Aurore is founded on the principles of exceptional design & all-inclusive spiritualism. We deliver excellence with our innovative handcraft, as pioneers of Candle Floristry™ & herbal alchemy. 

We are committed to the modern movement of sustainable commerce, now and forever. Our Florals, Herbs, Candle Ingredients & Packaging resources and supplies are sourced locally from Australian communities & businesses.

Our Apothecary herbal goods are handcrafted from concept, to design, to fabrication and packaging in-house. Our atelier holds exceptional standards for creation and every process is carefully calibrated & refined for perfection.