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Our Essence

The Essence of Dalí et Aurore: A Brief Timeline

Capturing Moments in Time

Founder of Dalí et Aurore, Aurora’s professional background lies in design and interior architecture. Her repertoire of work showcases an affinity for the correlation between design and human experience.

Her fascination with form, materiality & perception poses the key question of consideration in all her creations- “How can fine design capture a moment in time, by leaving an everlasting impression on the mind?”   

Spirit of Travel

Aurora travelled the globe in 2019 with the pursuit of studying memorable experiences by design. Aurora immersed herself in the cultural formalities and modern world of Japan, marvelled at the breath-taking wonders of New Zealand and fell in love with the historical nostalgia and timeless architecture throughout Europe. In particular, she was taken with the French language, and its history and architecture - hence the translation of 'Dali and Aurora' to Dalí et Aurore.  

Intertwining Memory with Perfume

Back in Melbourne, Aurora’s travels were documented by handwritten journals and photographs, however, Aurora found that a spritz of her ‘holiday fragrance’ evoked a flood of delightful sensations and memories.

Later that year, Aurora returned to Europe to capture its stunning impressions in time through perfume. For every city she visited, a new essential oil or perfume was allocated to her adventures. In London- fresh-cut roses, In Florence- jasmine and amber, and in Paris- vanilla, oud and musk.

Perfume, Aurora discovered, was an answer to her question- a poetic way of creating everlasting impressions on the mind and spirit.

Perfume for Experience Creation 

Hanging up her corporate shoes in 2020, Aurora enlists her life long passion for artistry and spiritualism to develop her own brand of magick. After years, and countless hours, of reading topics such as self-development, herbal therapy, plants and magick, Aurora and her feline friend, Dali, are now enveloped by a world of herbal magick- their very own apothecary.

Aurora elevates perfumery by creating
new experiences with the spiritual and physical potency of natural elements. The creation of her ‘Astral Dreams’ herbal collection marks the birth of “Dalí et Aurore”.

Pagan Influences

Aurora’s early life was spent in her childhood garden making “potions” and “spells” out of grass, twigs and flowers. Her favourite storybooks were tales of folklore, myths & legends.

As she grew up, her early fascination with mysticism was soon dampened by societal ‘norms’. In Australia, she found topics of spirituality and paganism often laughed at, disregarded or misunderstood.

Now in her 20’s, she decides to honour her inner child, by modernising magick and integrating it into society with her own brand of artistry, beauty and timelessness.