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Learn Magick: Book Coven & Academy

Learn magick and manifest your dreams

Want to be part of a school of magickal thought, learning and application?
Calling in all Pagans, Witches, Muggles and Lovers of Harry Potter.

Enrol anytime, we'd love to have you.

Enchantress & Higher Educator Aurora delves into the world of magick, occult studies and pagan philosophy to share how you can use magick in your daily life to manifest your dreams. With weekly inspiration, book chapter insights (Book Coven) and exclusive guided rituals and spells (Academy), here, you begin your journey of magickal insight and education, it is time to become the alchemist of your dreams.

Book Coven Benefits

- Learn Witchcraft & Magick to enhance all aspects of your life: love, wealth, health & abundance.
- Become the alchemist of your life- manifest your goals and dreams.
- Stay accountable for your Magickal, Spiritual, Intuitive Growth & Self Development (baby steps, day by day)

Book Coven Inclusions

- Concise and life-enhancing chapter-by-chapter audio summaries and insights from bestselling, credible books, authors, practitioners and resources.
- Teachings, How- To's, advice and guided applications of Witchcraft & Magick
- Access a sacred audio library of Witchcraft & Magickal content.

Join our Book Coven for $10AUD/Month

Academy Benefits 

In addition to ALL of our Book Coven Benefits & Inclusions, in our Persistence of Alchemy Academy, you will enter a Magickal Universe beyond ordinary life, aspire towards Sacred Spirituality, Magickal Actualisation & a life-changing connection with your Higher Self. 

Academy Inclusions

Sadly, no Transfiguration Classes or a Quidditch Pitch, but you will be taught by magickal & University Level Educator, Aurora, two short classes to attend each month (from home, in your own time, online, in comfy PJs), based on our monthly Book Coven book.
- 1 x Guided Audio Ritual (less than 20 mins)
- 1 x Guided Audio Spell (less than 20 mins)

Celebrations and Ceremonial Magick

The Yule Ball, but make it all year round. 
- Wheel of the Year Celebrations (8 Sabbats) and Guided Rituals (For both Southern and Northern Hemisphere)

Join our Academy for $20AUD/Month

The Persistence of Alchemy, Witchcraft & Magick Podcast is available for you to listen on, SpotifyGoogle Podcasts, Apple Podcasts & Stitcher