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The Persistence of Alchemy, Witchcraft & Magick. Episode 1 of Our New Podcast.

What is Magick and Witchcraft? Plus 11 Life Changing Benefits of practicing Magick.

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Why the Persistence of Alchemy?

Let me introduce you to a driving force to our name - The Persistence of Alchemy. 

You may have heard about the phenomenally successful book 'The Alchemist' written by Paulo Coelho, plastered over social media and bestselling book lists. Although it personally fit best into my nightly allotment of sleepy time books, it did have an abundance of excellent, spiritual messages. Hence its fame and renowned quotes that I truly resonate with.

If there is one quote to take away from this book it is:

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

If this were a Miss Alchemist Quote Pageant my two runners up would be: 

“People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of.”

“It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”

Paulo Coelho you have ingrained these words into my essence forever and for that, you are very welcome for this feature. This is not an affiliate program.

And so, the Persistence of Alchemy, is my blog/ podcast form dedication to reading, researching and sharing knowledge, wisdom and magick to enriching our lives with magick. This is a journey we are about to embark together and I can’t wait to see what we will uncover and bring to life along the way.

I'm not sure identify with being a ‘witch’. I am certainly a practitioner of magick and a scholar of witchcraft. Maybe as this podcast develops as and my grow my knowledge, is when I can make an informed decision to take on the honorary name. Personally, labels aren’t something I wear lightly.

Whether you are a witch or not, we can agree that a witch person who has a deep connection to nature, herself, her environment and the cosmos. She, or he, is attuned with her surroundings and conspires with the universe to shape her destiny, by enlisting the Law of Attraction, the natural elements and her magickal tool kit. 

My Interpretation of Magick and Witchcraft

Magick can be used to attract prosperity, abundance, health and improve relationships and foster self love. This is where I may lose some readers but unfortunately, there is no hocus pocus that can give you instant riches or gratification. However, when done carefully and treated with respect, magick will certainly speed up the process and bring you results bigger and better than you could have ever imagined. 

In our journey together we will use our intuition to reconnect with our inner magick. We will expand our awareness of the wonders of the natural world. Work with celestial bodies, harness the lunar cycle, celebrate the wheel of the year or Sabbats, tune in with the seasons and harmonise ourselves with the animals and creatures whom we share this planet with.

Together we will discover how to build our own Magickal tool kits, specialised to our craft by incorporating botanicals, crystals, gemstones, build our own altars and sacred spaces.

True magick blossoms as we nurture our inner potential and our innate abilities. It's time to remove the subconscious blocks that hinder our growth and development and banish limiting beliefs that have been drilled into our heads by society. 

Witchcraft is truly a delightful, empowering and positive experience. It speaks for environmental care, gender and racial equality, and challenges narrow-minded thinking. 

Over the years Pop culture, Hollywood and certain religious groups have contributed to the stigma of witchcraft and the absurd views of being a witch, screaming through the concrete jungle of modern society that all witches consort with the devil. Hide your children While I do love the odd fantasy thriller like American Horror Story: Coven, or Castlevania. It has shed an unrealistic light on witches.

Women have been chastised, excommunicated, hurt and killed for practising witchcraft, or even believed to have practiced it. the so-called ‘burning times’ in Europe persecuted and tortured tens of thousands of people - mostly women and girls. Cats were thought to be witches familiars and were destroyed by the thousands. Not to mention the tragedy of the infamous Salem Witch hunt between June and October 1692. I will have a podcast/blog on the history of witchcraft but today is not the day to deep dive into the ancient, cultural heritage of witchcraft.

Magick and witchcraft are not one and the same, not all magick is witchcraft but all witches practise some form of magick.

There are common beliefs of ‘white’ and ‘black’ magick, however, I don’t want to assign bad to the colour black and good to the colour white. Our forefathers have done enough of that for many lifetimes. It is good and bad in everything and it is up to you to define your principles, boundaries and stand your moral ground.

What is the Difference between Wicca and Witchcraft?

Wicca is its own spiritual philosophy and religion. Not all witches are wiccans but all wiccans practice witchcraft. Witchcraft is methodical, a way of working with energy. 

11 Life Changing Benefits of Magick

  1. Improve your relationships and love life. 
  2. Attract and create wealth, abundance and prosperity.
  3. Protect yourself, your loved ones and your dwelling.
  4. Enhance your health, helping you to heal your body and mind.
  5. Open up new career opportunities or grow your business
  6. Help you manifest your dreams and desires
  7. Ward or banish problems and enemies
  8. Strengthen your intuition, psychic abilities and connection with divination tools
  9. Level up your life by switching into a new and better reality.
  10. Synchronise your life with your natural biological rhythms for optimal function.
  11. Help heal trauma, and improve mental help, fighting off anxiety and depression.

And so I leave you with that! Some of the benefits we will be finding out together. 

Step 1 in Your Magickal Journey

What I’d recommend you do today is get a notebook and write down your defining principles or code of practice. Your journal will help your growth as a witch and it’ll be amazing to look back and see how far you come and how much you’ve learned. 

Make this a journal you love to reach for. Adorn it with crystals, washi tape and colour. Or perhaps if you're like me, a hardcover black moleskin or visual diary speaks to your soul.  

Whether you’re a beginner or starting out, apply what you learn, make your practice a part of your everyday life.  The more you do it, the stronger your magickal expression grows.