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11 Witchy Ways to add Magic to your Beauty Routine

Beautify your Life with Glamour Magic. 11 Ultimate Magical Beauty Tips and Secrets Uncovered.

Ever wondered how witches stay ever beautiful with beauty rituals & glamour magick? We’ll stop your imagination there before it conjures images of sacrificial youth and drinking blood- cue Cher Horowitz "Ugh, as if!". As much as we love our annual "Vampire Facials" and four- figure PRP salon treatments, here are 11 ways to beautify yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Enjoy our Top 10 witchy beauty tips before we present to you Tip #11… the ULTIMATE beauty tip which will truly change your life.

  1. Indulge in a herbal bath or shower. Bath magick helps to heal physical and emotional pain. Water is a powerful cleanser. It washes off negativity, stagnant energy and is therapeutic for mood. Add Epsom salt (the more the merrier), a bath tea and safe essential oils to your bath. Essential oils should always be mixed with a carrier oil (try jojoba oil or almond oil) as used alone, they can irritate the skin.
    If you don’t have a bath, add a few drops of Eucalyptus essential oil to the floor of your shower and let the steam vaporize the oil to envelop your senses. Alternatively, you can create a hair and body rinse with a bath tea.
    Self maintenance is sexy- for you and you only. Glamourize your bath time by exfoliating head to toe, washing and conditioning your hair, and follow-through with slathering on your favourite body balm, butter, lotion or oil. The difference this makes is wonderfully magickal for your body and psyche.

  2. For strong, luscious locks, add a few drops of Rosemary essential oil to your favourite hair oil and run it through towel-dried hair post-shower. Better yet, saturate your scalp and hair with this Rosemary concoction for a few hours before shampooing. Short of time? Adding a couple of drops of rosemary oil to your conditioner will do the trick. Rosemary promotes hair growth, scalp health and is especially beneficial for dark hair. For bouncy, vibrant blonde locks- try rinsing your hair with cooled chamomile tea instead.

  3. No skincare cabinet is complete without a Rose Quartz crystal. We suggest a high quality rose quartz facial roller to apply your serums and creams- it has two benefits, really. One, the rose quartz amplifies the beautifying properties of your creams and two, this is great for de-puffing your face, all while encouraging lymphatic drainage in your face, neck and décolletage.

  4. A daily sunscreen application paired with an affirmation keeps the doctor (or Botox nurse) away. Wear SPF on your face during the day, EVERYDAY. Trust us, this will be #magickal for your skin in the long run when you’re 60 but look 40. Be sure to spread it in upward motions on your neck and décolletage too. As this is usually the last step you do in the morning, be sure to look in the mirror and affirm out loud “I am a beautiful, divine goddess and I will have a magickal day”. Yes, feeling silly is a normal side effect of mirror work.

  5. Enchant your jewellery. You don’t need a “knight in shining armour'' when you wear your shiny, enchanted amulet. For every piece of jewellery you bring home, cleanse and program them with an intention. Their magickal purpose can be updated regularly to help you for any occasion or intention. For example, Dalí et Aurore founder Aurora, has a carnelian gemstone necklace that empowers her with warmth, vitality, joy, and passion to pursue her mysticism. If you have a piece of jewellery you adore, you can purify and consecrate or bless it in some fashion.

  6. Ever spritzed an older perfume sitting on your shelf and found yourself transported to a distant memory? Find your signature scent- be it an essential oil, perfume or body spray. Like jewellery, perfume is armour for your aura. In fact, perfume is known to transform emotional states. Take a minute to hold your chosen perfume bottle and affirm your intention. In just one spritz, this can boost your energy, confidence and add vibrancy to your aura.

  7. We’re not done with enchanting your olfactory senses yet. Bless a bedtime essential oil to help your body eliminate toxins, reset and beautify while you sleep. No complex spell is needed, just run your essential oil through incense smoke to cleanse it, then hold it in your palm asking it for what you’d like help with in dreamland.
    Dabbing a safe, high quality essential oil (like Lavender or Chamomile) on your temples can help optimize your beauty slumber. Keep this blessed oil on your bedside table and ritualise the ol’ temple dab each night before bed. Making this a routine also signals to the brain that it’s time for a restful sleep.

  8. Draw a sigil on your face with foundation before blending it into your skin. If you don’t wear foundation, you could use this step with your SPF lotion. For example, if you are heading out for a job interview, a client meeting, or asking your boss for a pay raise, you could draw a dollar sign (or four). Or if you’ve got a hot date, why not try a love heart.

  9. Use the divine energy of the moon. Charging your make-up in the moonlight is a wonderful way to remove any unwanted energy build up. However, we must insist that no amount of moon light will replace cleaning your brushes with an appropriate brush cleanser. Not only does this make a huge difference in the application of your makeup- you will feel energetically lighter. Try it, it works.

  10. Drink clean, FILTERED water throughout the day and stay hydrated. That's all. If you want to be extra witchy, brew up some tea with a combination of organic rose, damiana and fennel to keep your spirits up while detoxifying and debloating you throughout the day.

To be "beautiful" is a dream of many, which is why consumerist culture is a big, bald vulture thriving off our insecurities and imperfections. We are constantly bombarded each and every day with images of perfectly toned yet curvaceous bodies, luscious hair and wardrobes decked out with the latest designer bags.

The rise of social media in the last decade coincides with an all-time-high epidemic of body dysmorphia, mental and physical disorders, general low moods and poor self image.

Have you ever hopped on the ‘gram, seen a Facetuned (undetectably so) woman in a string bikini and felt like you weren’t good enough? In this day and age, women’s body shapes are trends. A decade ago, the waif-thin Paris Hilton body was in, and a decade later the Kardashian Brazilian Butt Lift is the “norm”. 

If we continue to give ourselves up to the vultures who tell us what is beautiful and what is not, we will never be beautiful enough.

So, the ultimate, most magickal glamour and beauty tip EVER. 

  1. Know yourself. Understand your style and aesthetic. Know what suits your body shape, your skin tone, and more importantly what you feel comfortable in. Your intuition will tell you. The phrase “dressing for comfort” has a negative connotation, that in our sincere opinion, this connotation shouldn’t exist. You could be in a beautiful, backless ball gown at a black-tie event feeling so comfortably sexy, rather than wearing a belly-button plunging V neck item while mingling uncomfortably with your lady bits making an unsolicited appearance. Or vice versa, whatever suits. The solution here is not the dress, but knowing which dress you'd feel more comfortably sexy in. 

    What you consider beautiful is up to YOU to define. Not ME, not HERMIONE...YOU set the standard and ideals of your own beauty.